Services & Packages

I pride myself in creating images that will be loved beyond their original station. That said, nothing for me is simply a package EXCPET FOR, headshots. Its my honest belief that everyone needs a professional made headshot. I charge a straight $150 for the shoot, a gallery of a few images that you can pick from. I look at this as a community service because #yourimagematters and you have about 3 seconds to make an impression so your virtual image COUNTS.Aside from headshots, I create portraiture. Custom designed specifically for my clients. The possibilities are endless. The minimum fee for one person if $190 and that includes hair & makeup for the ladies or a credit towards product for the gentleman, unless of course they want their hair and makeup done. Then we go from there. Not all images are equal. The image of me on my landing page is a composite - several images made into one. Like the examples in "Legacy Images"All that said, I actually offer another package at Holiday time! The Holiday Card Package.